2016 Award Categories

Premier Awards

Humanitarian Award – is a special honor presented to the company that most effectively gave back to the industry or community through philanthropic giving, charitable campaign(s) or selfless act(s), and that has made efforts to better a cause, company, charity or country on a global basis.

Industry Star – is a legacy award created from the inception of the MEAs and one of its highest honors given to a company that has defined groundbreaking and innovative technologies which have changed the future of mobile, or broken industry records (e.g., highest number of views, downloads, etc.)

Mobile Ambassador – Recognizes the individual who has most effectively supported the goals of the mobile industry, its programs, and the mobile community at large. (Selected by the MEA’s).

Mobile Business

Best Mobile Commerce – Honors the company that has developed a mobile payment solution to include, retail, billing, gateway, or electronic wallet that allows consumers or retailers to make transactions and pay for purchases by activating a mobile payment application from their smartphone.

Best Multinational Mobile Company – Honors non-U.S. and/or global mobile companies whose products or services have proved to be the most globally progressive and that has launched the most groundbreaking product or service in a country other than that of their origin.

Best Mobile Innovator – Honors an established company that has proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model.

Best Mobile Start-Up – Honors mobile technology or entertainment oriented companies with less than five years in business that have achieved the most success, including but not limited to funding, leadership, assets, users, partnerships, patents, etc.

Best Mobile Product – Honors the best consumer mobile product or accessory that enhances or eases the ability to entertain, communicate or interact with any mobile devices or tablets. This category is specific for continuing or launching an innovative product or products that delivers or uses technology as its core purpose.

Best Mobile App/Service for Connected Daily Lifestyle – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver, entertain and/or impact how consumers utilize their devices to engage and interact directly with their home or automobiles. Apps can be used for security, mileage, entertainment counsels, service, transportation, maintenance, search, discovery, etc.

Best Social Community for Mobile – Honors the best social mobile network platform, service, function or environment as part of overall offering, or that integrates a consumer friendly social network into the overall experience. Can include but is not limited to fan based communities, dating, connecting with friends, search & discovery or general sharing on a social network.

Best Mobile Analytics and Big Data – Honors the company that shows the best mobile analytic tools and research to help companies with data: key metrics, number of users, OS used, geographic breakdown, and other data fields.

Mobile Entertainment

Best Mobile Games – Honors the best out of all game content categories combined, including casual, multiplayer, original linear narrative, non-linear interactive or other formats.

Best Mobile Music – Honors the best music app that engages the consumers with their favorite music and artists via mobile. Includes mobile initiatives such as live events, immersive AR and VR music-related experiences, artist interaction, music content, ticket purchasing, viewing, search, etc.

Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign – Honors the mobile marketing campaign that was either created for a brand or on behalf of an entertainment property, which makes the best use of viral marketing to enhance a brand’s consumer awareness through mobile engagement.

Best Original Content for Mobile – Honors the company that has developed the most innovative user-generated or professionally-produced entertainment content that engages the mobile user and enhances the mobile content experience.

Best Branded Experience Made for Mobile – Honors the best branded entertainment content developed for mobile as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction; or feature film, fiction or non-fiction.

Best Mobile Sports – Honors the best sports content or sports oriented engagement developed for mobile. May include fan interaction, live sporting events, program extensions or companion programs, creation of new or unique content or application, etc.

Best AR for Mobile – Honors the company that either delivers, programs or enhances a true immersive experience to consumers that utilizes augmented reality technology which can include, but is not limited to, a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment, or user-generated one.

Best VR for Mobile: Gaming – Honors the company that either delivers, programs or creates an immersive virtual reality gaming experience for consumers on mobile.

Best VR for Mobile: Non-Gaming – Honors the company that either delivers, programs or creates an immersive virtual reality experience focused on original story telling, visual effects or other non-gaming kinds of experiences.

Best Kids Content for Mobile – Honors the company that produces and/or delivers content for children that offers new opportunities to learn, play, socialize, explore or create on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Technology

Best User Experience for Mobile – Honors the company that developed the best intuitive UI (user Interface) for the consumer experience, enabling users to surf, search, discover and engage for business, technology or entertainment.

Best Live Streaming or Video for Mobile – Honors the company whose platform, service or function either produces or delivers content for the best immersive or video experience on any smartphone or tablet.

Best Mobile App for Wearable Technology – Honors the best app or product built for the mobile lifestyle–including health & fitness, sports, music, and entertainment–that revolutionizes how technology interacts with consumers by combining integrated or downloadable technology with comprehensive programs integrated into the app and/or a wearable mobile technology or device as part of clothing. (May include new Apple Watch apps).

Best Delivery Platform for Mobile – Honors companies that have developed or contributed to a mobile service, application or technology platform which specifically delivers mobile content and services that enhance the consumer experience across multiple screens.

Best Technology Breakthrough – Honors a contribution that mobile operators, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, ARPU, expand the user experience, and help expand business opportunities in general.

Best Mobile Utility or Productivity Application for a Smartphone or Tablet – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver content, news or other utility or productivity tools for smartphones and tablets that enables both sole- and multi-users to better interact with their devices, driving efficiencies in workflow, collaboration, management, tracking or other functions.

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